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Red Light Therapy

One emerging type of anti-aging treatment has recently gained popularity, but has shown amazing results for years. This treatment, discovered by NASA , is called Red light therapyRed light therapy is characterized by infrared light, which is a unique type of light that has a stronger wavelength than other types of light. This enables it to penetrate deeper into the skin and provide many therapeutic benefits including improvement in the skin’s appearance and structure as well as relief from pain. There is NO UV light associated with RED light therapy.

​Aside from its cosmetic and anti-aging benefits, Red light therapy can provide relief from chronic and acute pain including muscle pain, joint pain, arthritis, high blood pressure, tissue and nerve damage, and can decrease injury healing time. Originally discovered by NASA for this purpose, Red light therapy is now used by professional athletes to promote healing with powerful results.
Infrared light penetrates below the surface of skin to speed up healing time. Red light has the ability to stimulate the production of ATP, an important source of energy in body tissues. This allows ATP to promote rapid action by the body’s defenses. ATP helps to increase blood circulation, which reduces swelling and inflammation. Increased blood circulation can benefit those with high blood pressure because good circulation allows the heart to do less work. Red light activated ATP stimulates white blood cells that work to repair damaged tissues, and increases collagen production that builds elasticity in the skin and can aid in wound healing. ATP also activates endorphins that provide soothing relief from chronic and acute pain.

Because RED light therapy triggers the body’s own defenses, it actually treats the sources of pain and doesn’t just mask the symptoms. Red light therapy provides relief from pain and discomfort without the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs or surgery.

Skin Rejuvenation

1. Wrinkles and fine lines
2. Tightening and firming (non-surgical face lift)  
3. Blemishes and redness
4. Anti-aging
5. Age spots and hyperpigmentation on face, hands,neck
6. Acne scars

Skin Problems

1. Burns
2. Acne Scars
3. Rosacea
4. Eczema
5. Psoriasis
6. Athlete’s foot

Pain Relief

1. Herniated and bulging discs
2. Muscle related back pain
3. Osteoarthritis
4. Fibromyalgia
5. Pulled and strained muscles, Muscle spasms
6. Inflammation
7. Nerve injuries
8. Sports injuries – Bone fractures and chips, sprains,tennis elbow etc.
9. Neck pain and stiffness

1 -  30 min Treatment    $ 50.00

10 - 30 min Treatment $ 400.00