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Gel Nails

Gel nails are thin, clear and flexible. Since they are so versatile, they can be used for natural nail overlays, tip overlays or they can be sculpted on forms to add length. Gel nails combine a natural look and feel with convenience and durability. 
Gel nails look gorgeous on anyone who chooses to get them and they are especially great for nail biters or people with brittle nails that just won't grow. 
Although the french gel nail look is most popular, colored gel nails are proving to be the new trend, especially colored gel toes which are inexpensive and look beautiful from 6-8 weeks, great for summer, vacations or eliminating the look of winter feet.
 Call today, beautify your hands and give them that glamorous touch. 


                                                                                           Full Gel Set (Tips) - $50.00

                                                                                Full Gel Set (Designer Tips) - $65.00

                                                                                                   Nail Fills - $40.00

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What Is Shellac Nails?

Shellac is a lightweight nail polish that combines the long lasting effects of a gel nail with the easy application of a regular varnish. The process requires a UV lamp for " curing" and takes around 10 minutes to remove.

What Is Shellac Good For?​

Shellac manufactures claim that Shellac is the " MUST HAVE 14 DAY MANICURE" - No chipping, No smudging, No Kidding! The idea is that the gel bonds securely than regular polish, which results in a longer lasting, shiner result.
Some therapists also claim Shellac is good for strengthening weak nails and promoting growth.


                                                                                          Shellac Gel Nails - $25.00                                                                                                                                                                          (last up to 14 days!)

                                                                           Shellac Gel French manicue -$30.00
                                                                                               (last up to 14 days!)